Crypto Credit Cards

The range of crypto (Bitcoin) credit cards is constantly growing. Meanwhile all following credit cards are available in Germany and can be used for purchases and payments. The crypto companies offer VISA or mastercard credit cards. So you can pay anytime and worldwide with your cryptocurrencies.

The exchange of the cryptocurrency into a FIAT currency (EURO) is possible within a few seconds thanks to corresponding apps for Android and iOS. Expensive sales and transfers of the cryptocurrencies to a bank account belong to the past with crypto credit cards.

In addition, many card providers advertise with cashback in the form of cryptocurrencies and other services and thus lure users to actively use the cards. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also partially supported by the credit cards. All credit cards support contactless payment.

Since many credit cards are issued free of charge or for a small fee, the cards are suitable as an emergency card when travelling or on vacation. For us the crypto credit cards have replaced the classic credit cards.

To start, the app is required, which is available for Android and iOS, a cell phone number and an identification document (identity card or passport). The KYC verification was done within a few minutes. Crypto Credit Card & App

For illustration we want to take a closer look at one of the offers: This FinTech company offers several crypto-based services, such as a cryptocurrency exchange, a payment service, savings accounts and loans,  an App for easy management of the services form anywhere and you can even get a real crypto debit card for payments.

crypto debit card

The App is very extensive and covers a crypto Wallet around numerous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and 36 other Altcoins with credit card or bank credit transfer to buy. There are also currently 7 different FIAT currencies available (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, HKD, SGD, AUD).

FIAT deposits can be quickly transferred by bank transfer to your IBAN account address. Within one business day the transfer was on the account. FIAT withdrawals by bank transfer are not possible.

The next menu item in the app is the MCO Visa credit card, of which there are five different versions with corresponding benefits.


Loans can also be taken out via the app by depositing Bitcoin or in the future also MCO. In return, up to 40 percent of the deposited value can be used as credit. The disbursement of the credit takes place in TUSD or PAX. The interest (APR interest rate for credit cards) is 8 percent. The term is 12 months.

CRYPTO EARN investment opportunities

Also earning possibilities with up to 8 per cent p.a. are available, by lending cryptocurrencies to There are different terms:

  • flexible 2-4% p.a. (access to the digital currencies at any time)
  • 1 month term 4-6% p.a.
  • 3 months 6-8% p.a.

If CRO is staked, higher interest rates are available.

The interest is paid daily in the deposited cryptocurrency.

Currently there are different currencies available for the Crypto Earn.

Another option is staking & earn via the Exchange, where up to 20% p.a. is available for CRO for a fixed term of 6 months.

The payout takes place daily in CRO directly on the Exchange wallet. The Exchange has not yet been integrated into the App and is only accessible via the website.


With Rewards there is an attractive friends advertising program. With the code G2Z7CQX799, new members will receive 50 USD in CRO tokens for free when they sign up through our link and buy cryptocurrencies. Countless friends can be recruited. A pretty attractive friends bonus program! experiences

The credit cards are available in Europe since May 2020. We use the app and also the credit card regularly for all purchases. The credit card has replaced all other credit cards!

We charge the card with Euro via our miles&more credit card and then pay with the credit card and receive up to 10% cashback at selected partners (special offer) or 3% regular cashback because we use the Jade Green credit card. An upgrade to the Icy White we will surely do soon. In August, said goodbye to its own MCO token. Now the cashback and all other promotions are paid in CRO.

Why crypto credit cards?

More and more people no longer use crypto-currencies only as a form of investment, but also want to use them in everyday life. Unfortunately there are only few possibilities to use cryptocurrencies in stores, restaurants or stores. In contrast, VISA and Mastercard credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. The crypto credit cards are suitable for this.

With most offers it concerns free credit cards those with crypto assets in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or other Coins on the crypto Wallet of the offerer are deposited.

Over the Apps can be bought frequently also directly cryptocurrencies, taken up credits or increased by interest its Bitcoin supplies. Thus no conventional bank is necessary at all. This range is called also Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and ever more FinTechs use the Blockchain for the financial sector.

The Bitcoin credit cards can usually be charged directly with Euro and thus serve as debit credit cards. At Wirex and you get cashback on payments in BTC or MCO. Thus the crypto portfolio can be further expanded.

On the credit card wallets only smaller amounts should be kept, not the entire cryptocurrency, as with a call money account! Because often you are not in possession of the private keys at the providers.

Since the credit cards are not directly connected to the crypto wallets, the amount must be exchanged manually before payment. However, the apps can do this within a few clicks.

At the Coinbase the crypto credit on the crypto wallet is used directly for payment and converted into Euro (FIAT). But the fees are very steep at 2.49 percent.

The costs of the crypto credit card(s)

Since in most cases it is only debit cards, i.e. credit must be available, the cost of credit cards is often free of charge. Fees, on the other hand, are incurred for various things such as payment and withdrawals from vending machines. Here it is worth comparing the providers to find the best credit card for your needs.

Wirex is the only provider with a monthly flat rate of 1.20 euros for the account. At Coinbase a one-time fee is charged for the delivery of the card. At or Bitwala there are no costs and the delivery of the credit card is also free of charge.

Who does not have a credit card yet, is well supplied with a crypto credit card from, because they offer many benefits and cashback on payments, in contrast to many conventional credit cards from well-known banks.

Where are the crypto credit cards available?

After many crypto credit cards were no longer usable in Europe at the beginning of 2018 (Visa blocks hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin credit cards), by 2020 all credit cards will be available and usable again. Other providers such as Nexo or Binance have also announced credit cards.

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