Dash – Price Development and Forecast 2018 of the Crypto Currency

The data protection coin conquers the crypto world. The Dash is on a steep upward trend that could continue in 2018. Whether it is worth investing you will find out in this article.

The cryptocurrency will also be very popular in 2018. They are an investment for the small man and are already leading to a redistribution of the financial markets. Cryptographic currencies are digital means of payment created using cryptographic techniques. Thus they are made forgery-proof and are to be assigned to the respective owner.

The Dash Or Darkcoin – As A Discreet Means Of Payment Among The Cryptocurrencies

The Digital Cash (short Dash) is a still quite young digital currency: It started in 2014 under the name XCoin and was renamed in Darkcoin. Because of the proximity of the term to Darknet, he then experienced his final name change, which still applies today. Although anonymized payment transactions with the digital coin partly serve the Darknet and this is one aspect of the company’s success, the founder of Dash Labs, Evan Duffield, wanted to draw a clear line here.

Development And Operation Of The Dash

Dash is similar in function to the market leader Bitcoin, but makes it look like a dinosaur: old, outdated and cumbersome. The open source peer-to-peer crypto currency works similar to the bitcoin system, but much faster and data protection is also much more effective. Worldwide transactions are possible within seconds. In addition, it is no longer possible to trace who concluded transactions with whom. This anonymity is guaranteed by the PrivateSend system (formerly Darksend). Minning immediately mixes up the completed transactions and makes them unrecognisable.

Two Sides Of The Success Of Anonymized Cryptocurrencies

Police and security forces at Bitcoin have already had great difficulty in solving criminal cases by tracking money movements. As a result, the network attracted numerous criminals who laundered money from arms, drugs and human trafficking. But also non-governmental organizations and opponents of oppression systems could act in secret. The former may sound less pleasing. But for the small investors who bought Bitcoins for a few euros at the beginning of the decade, a dream came true.

Will The Dash 2018 Be The New Bitcoin?

If investigators at Bitcoin find it difficult to determine who the actors are, it is completely impossible at Dash. To this end, Dash has accelerated the transactions considerably. They are also not much cheaper than at Bitcoin. These are two aspects that speak for its success. Criminals and opponents can do business there completely anonymously and discreetly. You don’t have to worry about the state keeping an eye on it. Dash is also a good alternative for ordinary people who don’t want to make every step of their lives public.

So not only does the young network have all the benefits that have made the Bitcoin system so successful, Dash has also perfected it. It is therefore not surprising that the Dash has experienced such a legendary rise in price. And it will certainly continue to go uphill, the demand is there. It is quite possible that the dash even catches up with the bitcoin. After all, its development is much faster.

The only thing the Bitcoin could do against this competition would be to renew its system:
To make it faster, more discreet and cheaper. But currently he is still benefiting from his position as a market opener. In addition, Bitcoins are accepted as a means of payment in restaurants, shops, online merchants, etc. worldwide. But how long the market giant can maintain its position is in the stars. We will see this in 2018; it will remain exciting!

Price Forecast: The Dash Experienced A Steep Upward Trend

According to his reasoning, the Dash bobbed along in silence, just like any new crypto currency, but not as long as the others. Investors soon realized his potential and let the price soar until it reached 50 euros per coin and stayed there. In April of this year you could buy Dash-Coins for 50 Euro. Then there was an even steeper upward trend. Today it ranks at almost 700 euros per virtual coin.

For Whom Is The Investment Worthwhile?

The Dash is inevitably on a successful trend. Even if there will be fluctuations again in 2018, its value could continue to rise. However, 700 euros are a lot of money. The small employee or the unemployed should not start with Dash right away, but buy a crypto currency that is still in its infancy and only costs a few cents, but has great potential. He will only be able to afford one to three Dash and then panic at the slightest fluctuation and sell them at a loss.

Older, relaxed traders should not miss this opportunity, however. But usually they’ve already stocked up on dash coins. After all, these virtual coins belong to the top five, so that you can no longer get around them. All known brokers like Plus 500, IQ Options, BDSwiss, Etero etc. have it in their repertoire.

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